Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Zim Watch

So Basildon Peta, the journalist who made such a flurry with his arrest under the press laws, may have embellished his story. Meanwhile in the real world a leading opposition printer, the publisher of the Daily News, has been firebombed, they are also a printer for the MDC.

The South African observers are going in, but Zimbabwe has rejected the head of the EU mission because he's a Swede. In Zambia the President's a "cabbage", in Zimbabwe the main observer's a Swede. What's with the vegetable theme?

Zambia will be sending observers. No, that wasn't a joke.

Food shortages loom.

A Zanu (yes you read it correctly) supporter has been killed in a clash with the MDC.

Mbeki has said, well, not much - although the Zim government has taken umbrage.


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