Monday, February 04, 2002

The Empire is dead, long live Imperialism

Natalie Solent has pointed me to this piece by Timothy Kidd. Talk about getting things the wrong way round.

September 11 "was clearly an attack on the West as a whole". Why, then, did they say in those fatwas get out of the Middle East or die, rather than simply die infidel scum? Perhaps because Al Qaeda has geopolitcal objectives of its own, and is trying to achieve them by attacking what it perceives to be the biggest obstacle to its goals? No, it must be an attack on the West as a whole.

The reason I bang on about this is that it is vital to Britain's role in this. If it was an attack on America because of its Middle Eastern foreign policy, then it is entirely different to being an attack on "the West". One's an attack on us, one isn't. One is our business, one's not. Of course America should strike out if either condition holds true, but Britain is not the case.

Ulster will stay free whether the Americans like it or not. Has he never met a member of the British ruling classes?

Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, where Britain does have a historic interest and a current responsibility. They declared independence in 1965, to have voted in a British general election that afected Rhodesia you would have had to be 57 today. No British person under the age of 57 has any responsibility towards the place.

Worth a read, though.


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