Friday, April 19, 2002

Web Log Ping Pong

Natalie Solent asks, "can hereally think that Peter Briffa retroactively lamenting his own failure to suicide-bomb Paulin while watching a bad Spielberg movie is quite the same as someone saying "Jews should be shot" to an Arab newspaper in a time of rampant Arab terrorism against Jews?"

But, your honour, I didn't mention Peter Briffa once in my piece and that was not the column to which I was refering. But just to be certain, I don't think that not very good jokes about blowing up Tom Paulin count in the same league of infamy as the same as depriving people of water, murdering people because of their religion or blowing up the holiest city of the world's second largest religion. Tom Paulin's comments I would count in there.

I'm sure that Mrs Solent has got this confused with another column, but just in case.


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