Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Genocidal, moi?

Natalie Solent takes me to task over a previous post:

Goldstein (if it is he) says "the warbloggers" - not "some" but "the" - actually want to commit genocide. What evidence does he have for this dreadful charge?

Well I was wrong to say that all warbloggers want to dish the darkies, even saying that most of them do is a slur (at least the ones I read). But to say that there is no evidence, now perhaps we are into the realms of whitewash:

In Islam, we're told, martyrs get to go straight to Paradise. And the entire Islamic world apparently considers anyone the Israelis kill to be a martyr. So maybe you can explain this to me, if we're being respectful of Islamic beliefs, why is it a bad thing for the Israelis to kill them? Courtesy of the Brothers Judd.

If after every bombing they [Israel] identified the bomber and then killed the bomber's entire family then the number of volunteers for bombing missions would collapse in fairly short order . Courtesy of USS Clueless.

And then of course there is the completely non-genocidal:

This is a tough one, and I don’t know quite what to think. Mecca seems extreme, of course, but then again few people would die and it would send a signal. Religions have suffered such catastrophic setbacks before. As for the Saudis, my only thought is that if we're going to hold them responsible for terrorism, we had better start doing it now, not after an even more catastrophic attack. And, as a general matter, the time for seriousness—including figuring out what we would do in retaliation, so maybe it can have some slight deterrent effect--is now rather than after thousands and thousands more American casualties. from the NRO Corner.

Now I'm perfectly prepared to accept that I went over the top in implying that the only motive for going to war in Iraq was to kill a few hundred thousand A-rabs, but can't we stop this game that there are no racists among the warbloggers? Killing lots of people simply because of their family or ethnicity seems to me like, well, genocide.


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