Friday, April 12, 2002
Ode to Chavez

So farewell then Hugo Chavez of Venezula,

It was nice knowin ya,

But we didn't.

E J Thribb *


Doesn't this seem to be a bit like the Philippines?

Pound to a penny that some "Agricultural Attache" or "Junior Trade Consul" with the American Embassy is up to his ears in this one.

Not that I'd have any objection to it, this is America's backyard. But don't you think we can stop hearing all this tripe about "protecting Democracy" or about how a democratic culture is somehow in the West's interests?

Plainly it just depends on the circumstances on the ground.

* Trust me, if you don't know who E J Thribb is by now, the reference would be take so long to explain that it would cease to be funny. See.


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