Friday, April 19, 2002

The Eurosceptic case for Brown

What is the biggest threat to our independence? The EU.

What is the next big step that the EU has in mind for Britain? Economic and Monetary Union.

Why can't they just impose it? Because there has to be a referendum, at least in this parliament.

Will it be a fair referendum? Almost certainly not.

Who's pushing this? Tony Blair.

Can he be toppled before the election? Only by one man, Gordon Brown.

Tony Blair's continued presence in 10 Downing Street is the biggest current single threat to British sovereignty. Just as it was right for Eurosceptics to push for the Tories, so is it right for them to push for Brown's success and so Blair's failure. Of course, Brown may be as bad as Blair on the EU - but it is highly unlikely that he will be worse.

So let's bite our lips at Brown's lunatic tax increases and flat earth approach to public services. Its time for us to join in battle with the Luddites.


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