Thursday, April 25, 2002

So the Peace Process is a success?

This is from an Irish Republican on the Red Action Discussion page, a British onetime Trotskyite group who have allowed themselves to be used as a front for the IRA.

It's fairly clear that the chap is a strong supporter of Gerry Adams, and is responding to a more millitant Republican:

1. "Fianna Fail[1] and the Sticks[2], bunch of traitors that they are, at least they never gave up any of their guns."

And here's the answer:

Traitors they are, and they didn't give up their guns. Fair enough. By implication you are suggesting that the PIRA[3] have. Who have these guns been "given up" to? No weapons have been handed over. To suggest so is misleading, and if it had happened it would have been nigh on impossible to keep the rank and file on board, particularily in areas such as Ardyone[4].

Now, there is no suggestion that this chap is anything more than rank and file (and he may not even be that), but this is the real thinking that is going on in Republican circles. Remember this when the "peace process" crumbles.

I must say that apart from their disgusting attitude on Northern Ireland, Red Action are probably the most switched on left wing group in Britain today, and their analysis of both the rise of the right and the unrepresented nature of the Working Class today is spot on.


[1] The "original" IRA, or more accurately anti-treaty forces, who once they had taken over the Irish Free State cut loose the more rabid members who wanted to continue fighting the "Brits". Now the main political party in Ireland.

[2] The "Official IRA". These chaps gave up the armed struggle some time ago and are now either involved in left wing politics, gangsterism or both.

[3] Provisional IRA. This is the lot that run Sinn Fein and whom Gerry Adams represents.

[4] A particularly divided and strongly antagonistic area of North Belfast.


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