Monday, April 01, 2002

Given the nod

I've been mentioned by Glenn Reynolds for the first time ever, and my hits have soared. Gee, thanks. He makes a very interesting point:

I'd welcome an intellectually honest and thoughtful antiwar movement. One of my mentors in Law School was Charles L. Black, who with Thurgood Marshall wrote the brief in Brown v. Board of Education, and who worked on many of the post-Brown cases. He always felt that the poor quality of the intellectual opposition to desegregation led to flabby, bad law -- "we would have done better," he said, "if we'd had better lawyers on the other side."

I'm not exactly what he ordered as I'm on the other side of the pond, and my obsession is with British foreign policy and the British national interest. If I was an American I would have been for some sort of action to fry Bin Laden and root out Al Qaeda, although nation building in the Hindu Kush or reordering Iraq would not be so welcome.

In the end, I'm a believer in the British national interest (do not call me a British nationalist, as it has some weird and nasty conotations over here). So I don't believe Britain should either block or aid whatever America gets up to that doesn't affect Blighty.

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