Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Stirrings on the Right

This could be promising, Monday Club members are regrouping. While they seem to be concentrating on social issues (full disclosure - I don't believe that the state should be involved in bedroom politics) it has the potential to be something more sweeping. With the suppression of the Monday Club and the voluntary winding up of Conservatives Against a Federal Europe, there is certainly room on the right of the party. And with the general uselessness of British Libertarians when trying to think about Britain's role in the world (who can cheer loudest for America) this could be a useful foil for the unthinking pro-Americanism on the right.

Empire envy may not be the most pleasant way to break the Pro-American log jam on the right, but with the Thatcherite and Libertarian infatuation with all things American - the natural Little Englander instincts of the free market right seem to have been suppressed.


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