Monday, April 01, 2002

Could Spell Trouble

Labour's euro dissidents to break cover. This looks like the "Brown for PM" crowd. It will also cause havoc among the pro-Euro campaign. They were going to say "well the public is against us, but the political establishment is for us". Now they are pinning their hopes on "the public country is against us but the political establishment is for us, except for the Conservatives and the Tory Press". If they don't move quickly then a few more pieces look like they're falling off.

I remember one person during the leadership election opining that supporting Duncan Smith would be a bad idea for the Tories because "he's going to be in an awkward position if the country vote to go into the Euro". A true leap of faith required.

Another interesting story, this time not foreign policy related is that there were financial links between the Casinos and Labour before the liberalisation of the gambling laws was announced. And we are supposed to act surprised? For some time I thought that a good idea for a web log would be to simply cross reference government policy announcements against Labour donations.


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