Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Israel, Palestine and the Blogosphere

Israel is a topic which fires up the Bloggers more than the Spice Islands or Angola, and so there's a lot of unchallenged commentry out there. A couple of gems:

Andrew Dodge

The Islamo-facists have one collective idea, to make the world Islamic. Link Here.

1. So does just about every devout Muslim. I could say the same for most Christians and Atheists.

2. Islamo-Fascist is just name calling. We wouldn't dare use a similar term for West Bank settlers - quite rightly. Let's keep consistent.

3. Most Islamic Fundamentalists are actually interested in their home country more than other Muslim states, and interested in us heathens least of all. Does Al Qaeda talk about things going on in historically Muslim lands, or in America and Europe? Quite simply what fires these people up is that they don't believe that their regimes are properly Islamic. In Christian terms they would be reformers rather than missionaries. These people aren't citizens of the world.

Natalie Solent

Saudis, too, help suicide-murderers turn a profit. Link Here

How can you turn a profit when you're dead? They can't exactly spend the money. Suicide is not a commercial decision, it is a sign of rather deep despair. Targetting civilians is indefensible, but in this case at least it does not turn a profit for the perpatrator. Please do not interpret this as an uncharacteristic lapse into sympathy.

Please can anyone pass some British pro-Palestinian enthusiasm my way for similar treatment.


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