Monday, December 31, 2001
Who said this?

Indeed, because we share the euro with our neighbours in Europe, our money will be a true catalyst for integration, and is helping to build a community enriched by our diversity of cultures and strengthened by our common values of democracy and individual opportunity.

or this:

You know that one side of the banknotes depicts the windows of a society open to the world. And the other side of the banknotes shows the bridges of a community of people working together with their neighbours, both inside and outside Europe.

It's Wim Duisenberg the President of the European Central Bank, giving a speech at a rather Orwellian awards ceremony for children who had been best indoctrinated to love the Euro.

This man's a Central Banker for God's sake, not a third rate vicar on a slow Friday afternoon. No wonder the exchange rate loses ground against the Uzbeck rouble with this sentimental fool in charge.


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