Monday, December 31, 2001
Today's article

Little feedback (alright no feedback) on today's article "The Lessons of Richard Reid". Forget peacekeepers and nation-building, terrorism is a domestic problem. Agree or disagree, either way let me know and I will publish your thoughts. Well, put your thoughts on this web log, which isn't quite the same thing as publish, as the public will hardly be aware of your opinions.

Hit parade

Greetings to the Aussie who got to my site by looking for "airport equip".

Before I go I would also point you towards the usage stats for Free Britannia. I refered 47 viewers to them (28+19 they have my stats in two different places). Not a massive amount, agreed, but bigger than the 3 who came here from their site. One of the reasons they banned me was because they were agrieved that I publicised the debates. Looks like they could have done with the traffic.


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