Sunday, December 23, 2001
I wonder what's going to happen over this little difference of opinion over Kashmir? The story so far:

India says two of its border guards have been killed by Pakistani troops in a clash in the disputed territory of Kashmir.
Pakistan, meanwhile, has accused the Indian authorities of kidnapping and torturing one of its diplomatic staff at its high commission in Delhi.

Despite its soap opera feel this is deadly serious. It seems that India is itching for war. What would America do then?

It seems to me that America owes Pakistan big time, but I wonder if the Americans really feel like taking on a nuclear armed regional power?

If America sits this out, it could lead to a revolution in this disafected nation - or at the least a realignment of the government. Blair may have gloated too soon about Pakistani stability.

However if America comes on Pakistan's side, God knows what sort of trouble America could brew up. At the very least it would probably lead India into the China-Russia axis that is coming together behind the smiles.


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