Wednesday, December 12, 2001

I've been recommended by Natalie Solent's web log. She says its an "an eloquent libertarian anti-war commentary", so can't be too bad. She hasn't started archiving individual entries yet, but you can probably find her recomendation among the entries here.


Does anyone know of a web counter that I can put on my web log, that gives me fairly detailed information about visitors, but is only accesable to me?


Very little feedback from my last article. This somewhat tongue in cheek little one liner from one of my regulars:

So presumably all these Islamic extremists have forgotten that Israel is all our fault in the first place?

And this bit from another correspondant:

I thought the only legitimate purpose for our involvement was to ensure Britannia's status as the American's 'best girl'

It may not surprise you that both of them were Brits. I think sarcasm comes in the water.

More Feedback

There's a little Bulletin Board service that's called "Free Britannia" which is modeled on "Free Republic", but presumably isn't going to get closed down for posting copy-written articles, which doesn't like my stuff. They especially don't like the fact that my writing is allowed to soil the internet. Rather ironic when you think that they are protesting against all the politically correct censorship.


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