Friday, December 28, 2001
Scared of logic

To those few of you who have been following the "Free" Britannia saga, they've finally had too much and banned me. Brits, it seems, can be preached to but should not speak out of turn. A couple of people have started asking questions, one asking why he keeps on having his messages altered, and another person has started asking questions about the holy of holies - the Special relationship.

I'm not saying that the moderators of a bulletin board should not have the power to ban posters, or specific posts. I do find it bad manners when they do it without stating their policy, but the neo-conservative cuckoos in the right wing nest were never the politest people. What does rankle me is when they claim to be British when they are not, when they claim to believe in Free Speech when they don't and when they claim to be right wing when in fact they are just big government utopians with blue rosettes.


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