Friday, December 28, 2001

The EU have put out a list of groups they regard as terrorists. No surprise that the IRA is not included, but a bit of a surprise that the Ulster Defence Association are. Aren't they still on a precarious ceasefire?

On another tack, the EU will be insisting that East European applicants legalise abortion. What this has to do with the free movement of goods, persons and money escapes me. However, it is a handy reminder that there is no wickedness that the EU will not endorse. No one, it seems, has told the Catholic church in Poland - who are rushing to bless the EU.

Finally a nice little web log, Eurotrash, which is chronicling the introduction of the Euro. As they say:

EUROTRASH is devoted to chronicling this historic leap and the ensuing chaos. We don't care about macroeconomic theory. We just want to know if the Coke machines are still going to work.

One particular item of interest is about delivery trucks for the new money being immune from road laws.


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