Friday, December 21, 2001
A quick trip over to the Conservative Friends of Israel. It's easy to mock, so I'll take the easy route. It seems that all their contact numbers are now out of date (as they use the 0171 code for London) and the Treasurer of their parliamentary group, a certain Nick Hawkin, is no longer a parliamentarian.

It may be time to tell their webmaster, Adam Griffiths of Connect Support Services Ltd at to actually update the site every now and again.

Well it seems that the most powerful foreign policy lobby within the Conservative Party (more than half its MPs belong to it) is not as savvy as it likes to think.

On a connected point, of interest only to political junkies, did you know that Ken Clarke included John Butterfill as one of the "Eurosceptics for Ken", a man who in his own potted biography admits to being Chairman of the distinctly un-sceptical Conservative Group for Europe, a group he was involved with to a high level until 1995.

As far as I saw no one, including me, noticed this blatant lie on Ken's behalf.


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