Saturday, February 15, 2003
The United Nations is the new Princess Diana - 15th February 2003, 19.22

Countless numbers march through London reenacting the "grand stupidity". We have not seen such a vast number getting in touch with their emotions and feeling a need to press their opinions on their fellow citizens since Diana's death. It is certain that this march, organised by CND and the Muslim Association of Great Britain, had passion, idealism and a paucity of reason. Now their totem, their article of faith, has been switched to the United Nations as a sacralized slogan.

From the 60s (Jennifer Connolly):

This is my first march since the "ban the bomb" rally of the sixties. I've given up politics and taken up spirituality but for this I've had to come out of retirement. Saddam Hussein has got to be stopped, but if we go to war then we'll really know what terrorism is. I fear Britain will face retaliation, even in the past week I've been very upset and emotional because of the heightened state of alert.

to the 90s (Sash Naidoo):

I came on this march because I believe violence begets violence - war is a bad idea and spells trouble for Britain. I never been part of anything like this before I walked down here from Tottenham Court Road and it's quite something to be in amongst so many people from different backgrounds.

No mention of the national interest, from the marchers or Blair.


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