Friday, February 21, 2003
Entrails Watch - 21st February 2003, 20.42

Croatia has tried democracy for a few years and obviously found it wanting; it submitted its proposal for acceding to the EU in 2007 with Romania and Bulgaria.

Bat Ye'or provides another unique view on Eurabia, although she seems to confuse pomo transnationalism with Islamization.

Recommendations were emphatically and repeatedly imposed for spreading the knowledge of the Arabic language in Europe, and the learning about the superior Islamic history and civilization. As these decisions were taken, and then implemented through the mechanism of the Dialogue that covered every country of the EU, a profound cultural Islamization — through the network of schools, universities and the blessing of Islamophile clergymen — conditioned the mentalities of two generations of European youth.

Yes, I remember my schooldays: prayermats, learning where Mecca is in geography, understanding that compound interest was immoral..blah blah blah

The Polish Parliament approved a bill for a June accession referendum.


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