Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Oh Dear

It appears that the links between Al Qaeda and Iraq are, erm, rather sketchy.

Now let me get this straight. There are almost certainly links between Al Qaeda and Iraq. However, there are links between Al Qaeda and just about every player in the Arab world - including us Brits. It's not evil, just the way the world works.

The only problem with the lack of links between Iraq and the fundos is that this is the only conceivable way in which Weapons of Mass Destruction (Without Means of Delivery) will get to us. That is of course accepting that Saddam genuinely wants to be blown into a thousand small pieces - a fate he's skilfully avoided so far - and that the whole purpose of a state developing unconventional weapons is to just give them away to a load of homicidal mavericks.

On such idiotic leaps of illogic do our warmongering friends rely.


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