Saturday, February 22, 2003

Prices for Crises

We're often accused of being Guardian readers by some of our less careful detractors; who are either unaware of what a Guardian reader is or who do not read us at all critically. However, and I am shocked here, the Guardian is analysing the coalition building from the vantage point of the national interest, in which it lists:

- $26 Billion of grants to Turkey for hosting forces on its soil. Now $6 billion more is being demanded.
- Increased foreign aid for security council members Guinea, Angola and Cameroon
- Relaxing immigration restrictions (what more?) for Mexico, another security council member
- Pledges on EU entry for Bulgaria
- Large debt write offs for Russia and China
- Requests of $12 billion extra aid for Israel
- Various dollops of aid for Egypt, Jordan and Syria

Of course most of this will be paid by the US, but do you notice what we get? Neither did I. The article does not mention the price that France will extract, which will be paid by us.

Is some tinpot in Sumeria really worth this?


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