Thursday, February 20, 2003


One of the amusing things about writing on the web has been the almost total fall off of interest from the professional peaceniks, addresses deregistering from my e-mail lists, links to my column and this site going from sites. First they liked the novelty of a conservative critique of intervention, but the interest was hardly sustained, although outside the UK it's a different story. I'm not quite sure whether they were horified at the right wing tone of the analysis here (and some right wing sites have been worried by that) or whether they were needled by the constant criticism of the mainstream peace movement.

Now do I see a stirring of interest? The Stop the War Coalition have listed this site. The description is telling:

Opposes war on the grounds of national interest

By and large true (Philip Chaston is pro but lukewarm, the others are against but they never seem to write). However shouldn't just about all oposition to an intervention be on the grounds of national interest? Let the pro-war party ignore the national interest of the British people and witter on about imagined claims of Levantines and Sumerians for our protection. Unfortunately the CND lot don't really like the idea of the nation (seperate from the state), let alone that there may be some interests linked to it.

But thanks to linking to me any way.


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