Friday, February 21, 2003
Enarquey - 21st February 2003, 20.57

Another article from the International Herald Tribune on the rivalry between Britain and France to shape the EU; Chirac's gaffe versus Blair's letter. The letter is quite embarrassing.

In it he said he regretted that future members of the Union were not invited to a special EU summit meeting Monday dedicated to the question of Iraq. ‘‘As you know, I had argued that you should be present and able to contribute fully to the debate,’’

An opening bid for votes in his campaign to become one of the first Presidents of the European Union? However you read this missive, it is embarrassing that our foreign policy is reduced to touting for influence across Europe through a leak. It is the sort of behaviour you would expect from a minister in the 70s dealing with some contentious quango. A sign of how much we have lost in terms of power and respect.


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