Wednesday, February 26, 2003
Something Understood - 26th February 2003, 22.48

To recognise India's ability to make our World Cup more difficult, especially Ashish Nehra's 6-23, here is an interview with Padma Shri Sir Mark Tully from the Mumbai website, Mid-Day, as he reflects on origins, national identity and India.

India wave in Britain

India is very big in artistic terms — music, Indian pop, Bombay Dreams, Monsoon Wedding and Lagaan, and in terms of spirituality. But there isn’t a huge business interest.

The government’s interest in India largely revolves on fear of war between India and Pakistan.

Apparently, people in the West are frightened about China in political terms and want to build up India to be faster than China, but they are frustrated by the uncertainties of what happens here.

In Zimbabwe, cricket is boosting both the cricket union and the black market; only the state suffers a loss.


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