Saturday, February 01, 2003
Reliable - 1st February 2003, 10.14

A Gallup poll in the States shows that Britain is considered to be the most reliable ally and, unlike other countries, this perception is consistent across political parties and age groups. It also demonstrates that support for the war is demarcated by party support - Republicans for, Democrats and Independents lukewarm or against.

There are some surprising results: Saudi Arabia is considered (just) to be a more reliable ally than France, if their sampling is to be trusted. The poll does indicate that (statement of the bleeding obvious), Blair has buit up a huge reservoir of support in the United States, especially amongst Republicans.

Nearly 9 in 10 Americans (87%) say Great Britain can be counted on to support the United States in planning a possible invasion of Iraq. Only 50% feel this way about the next-most positively rated country, which is Turkey. These are the only countries, out of seven rated in the poll, that a majority of Americans believe would support a U.S. effort to invade Iraq.


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