Sunday, February 09, 2003

The UN Trap

Chatshow Charlie Kennedy has promised to go marching for peace. But has he? What he actually says is:

He said his was a "pro-UN case", adding: "It is not anti-war come what may."

So war would be ludicrous and against our national interests if the UN Security council is not bribed and cajoled into supporting the war and it is in our interests if the bribes and threats are as succesful as they were in the first time around.

Well Charles Kennedy's maneuverings are more to do with trying to get on the populist bandwagon than any concern for world peace, but there are plenty of others who do oppose this war and yet who are invoking the authority of the United Nations. They have to face facts, the UN is far more corrupt than the American Presidency or Congress, and is not a worthy subject for awe or a reliable guardian for peace.

I say thank God for that as any realistic United Nations power would be both by definition undemocratic (as there is no demos) and stiffling of the political evolution that man needs and that is served so well by a system of sovereign states. However whether you are for global governance or against the present United Nations is simply one long corridor of smoked filled rooms.

If war is a bad idea then a bought and paid for vote by the Security Council will not magically make it good.


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