Friday, June 21, 2002

What's wrong with Pre-emption?

An interesting article about the Bush Doctrine. Basically this is seen as the idea that in today's world deterrence doesn't serve much useful purpose because the most deadly opponents of the United States are barking mad (supposedly they write for Free Britannia in their spare time).

Now this all is fine as far as it goes, but where does that leave Britain? Basically deterrence was predictable. You roughly knew what sort of action from which parties would entail action. With foreknowledge you could plan and even have some influence. Now we have to trust that America will get it right all the time (remember that asprin factory). Not only that we will also have to believe that America will not start picking enemies for domestic political reasons and leave us carrying the can.

Continuing our current alliance with America will mean that we will retrospectively approve of all that America does. Responsibility without power.


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