Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Missing the point

This idiotic outburst shows why most Labour MPs shouldn't be in charge of a birthday party let alone the armed forces:

Fiona Mactaggart: Did my right hon. Friend see any black faces during the trooping of the colour ceremony? I am afraid that I did not, which made me anxious that it is possible that the elite regiments of the British Army are failing to recruit from all the communities that make up Great Britain. If that is the case, what action will he take to ensure that every Briton has an equal chance to be a soldier in every regiment of our armed forces?

Well, no. The armed forces are not about giving self esteem but about protecting the country. We are already well on our way to changing our selection procedures to represent various interest groups, with a fall in fitness of the armed forces. By actually insisting that each regiment, specifically including the elite regiments, should actually practice "affirmative action" is a further weakening in the wall.

Any way, when did the failed leader of the Labour group in Wandsworth have any interest in defence?


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