Wednesday, June 19, 2002

That roaring success the Euro

Both letters from the Telegraph (thanks to Robert Henderson for posting this):

SIR - My wife tried to pay her hairdresser in France, but the euro coins were refused as "Spanish euros". On the reverse was a naked lady
sitting on a bull. In the margin the coin had "EYPFIH" and below "2 EYP". Does this sort of thing nullify the whole purpose of the single currency?

Perhaps all the coins should be in Greek, thus restoring universality and bring some charm to an otherwise dreary System.
Dr Lindsay Hurst
Kingsbridge, Devon

One currency for Europe is not working. I have been staying at a good Spanish hotel, and its bar staff refused to accept euro coins bearing the Belgian symbol.
Duncan Measor
Alderley Edge, Cheshire

All highly anecdotal, but if more stories like this come filtering through it will be even harder to sell. "What, put my job and home at risk, and STILL pay to change my money when I go to Spain?".


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