Tuesday, June 18, 2002

The beam in your own eye

Expect to hear some outrage over the French refusal to put Hizbollah on the terror list because they're a "political party" and that including them would "destabilise Lebanon". Of course they've brought the EU along with them.

Now before we rush to judgement on this barmy decision (after all what else do you expect of the EU) let's ask why the IRA are not on any terrorist list. It's not because of the French, but due to American cowardice and double standards. While we are expected to send more troops to Afghanistan than the Americans can be bothered to muster, America won't even proscribe an active terrorist organisation that has put innocent British civilians in its sights. Will it destabilise Northern Ireland or is it because Sinn Fein are a political party (with a few more petrol bombs and baseball bats at their disposal than is strictly the norm for a democratic party)?


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