Tuesday, June 11, 2002

New Conspiracy Theory

Was Al Qaeda planning to blow up Parliament? Iain Murray seems to think so. You should read the entry, so I can skip over the fact that this "revalation" is less well attested than the idea that Bush knew of 9-11 (no, I don't agree that he did, but just pointing out that this has far more "experts" jumping up and down). However terrorism deals with conspiracies, and all conspircacy theories sound outlandish until they are carried out, so let's take it at face value.

The conclusion would be that we now have a dog in this fight? Well, how.

Of course they didn't actually attack us, to contemplate attacking but not to do so, or not to be caught preparing it, is not a hostile act. It's thought crime.

So, if they wanted to attack us because of our support for America and they were attacking America because of its actions in the Middle East (is there anyone who seriously believes otherwise anymore) it is evident that we are being targetted because of our foreign policy. It is therefor a cost of intervention and not a reason for it.

We may have good reason to subsume our independence to America, but we have to realise that the death of many innocent civilians is one of the prices that we will pay for this.


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