Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Left Behind?

Brendan O’Neil has upset a couple of people by asking why so many British Bloggers are right wing. But Brendan, they’re not. An old article of mine went through GB Logs looking for political content, and it was overwhelmingly to the left.

What poor Brendan seems to have done is landed in the wrong company. The right wingers tend to reference to each other, just as left wingers do. Obviously Mr O'Neil has stumbled onto web logs from his right wing surfing. If he had stumbled into it from the left he would be writing about how the left had taken up blogging because everyone had abandoned hard core socialism for the Third Way (and fondly imagining that he was being iconoclastic).

With the exception of a few pet lefties like Mr O'Neil and Junius, the left has been blogging away on its own. Its all rather parochial, and not much of it's interesting, but it is out there.


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