Monday, June 10, 2002

Interesting Meeting

From the Peaceniks at the Committee For Peace In The Balkans:

Seminar on Tuesday 11th June 2002

War crimes, war crime tribunals and the International Criminal Court

Alice Mahon MP with Mark Littman QC

After the Nuremberg Tribunal, a movement grew up for the creation of a permanent International Criminal Court, worldwide in scope and based on the Nuremberg Principles. Ad hoc tribunals on Yugoslavia and Rwanda have been set up, but no permanent court yet exists.

Britain ratified this statute last autumn and is set to become a founder member if, and when, the ICC comes into being. It is anticipated that the 60 countries will have ratified the statute by the end of this year - the minimum number needed to bring the ICC into being. Only countries that ratify the statutes will be bound by the court. The United States has already indicated its unwillingness to do so.

Mark Littman QC considered the likely strengths and weaknesses of the International Criminal Court in the light of experience of the International Criminal Tribunal on Former Yugoslavia - and asks ‘can it dispense justice?’.

7pm in House of Commons, London SW1


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