Thursday, June 13, 2002

And kill their familes too

Now am I being squeamish or is this really disturbing?

Families of suicide bombers should receive the death penalty. Who's saying this. Some Kach style nut, or is it just saloon bar talk? The proponent is Nathan Lewin who is described as the second most powerful attorney in Washington DC and is put forward as a candidate for the federal judgeship. That these are innocent civilians should give some pause for thought. What is really disgusting is this:

Lewin argued that the biblical injunction to destroy the ancient tribe of Amalek serves as a precedent in Judaism for taking measures that are "ordinarily unacceptable" in the face of a mortal threat.

Isn't that, like, genocide?

That this is a chap who is powerful in American politics should give us a pause for thought. If there is any evidence needed that American policy in the Middle East is at least partly free from rational constraints this is surely it. And we should not be tying ourselves to this suicidal policy, or will we be wondering why more Arabs want to fly planes into our buildings. But all we did was cheer on shooting innocent women and children, what's up with that?

I'm sure that there will be some well-meaning people who will defend this, but it doesn't make it rational and, not that I care too much, moral.


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