Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Zim Watch

The opposition have vowed to fight against a Mugabe win, at the moment through the courts. The opinion polls look bleak for Mugabe.

Rather chillingly Mugabe says that his biggest regret was extending the hand of reconciliation to "die-hard racists", read whites. Mugabe has over-ruled the Supreme Court on election rules, the MDC say they will challenge this.

Soldiers have complained about being forced to vote for Mugabe, while some in the higher echelons of the armed foreces have been making overtures towards the opposition.

Mugabe is slammed by former ally Jesse Jackson, while he is defended by his opponent in the Congo, Museveni. If the Americans should be able to rely on any sub-Saharan African government, it should be the aid dependent military foes of Mugabe in Uganda. So this is not good news for the West.

The UN have condemned the use of electoral bullying.

South Africa is mobilising troops.


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