Thursday, March 28, 2002

We're not alone

There's a certain complacency among British right wing bloggers. We genuinely think we're alone. Every now and again we may ask whether we are the only ones out there and then (quietly mind) congratulate ourselves that no British lefties seem to be able to operate a computer.

Well thanks to the GBlogs Gateway I've spent a couple of irreplacable hours of my life (yes, I took the bloody test) looking through British web logs to see what sort of political slants they had. Were they all right wing true believers who had outsmarted the technophobic lefties? Not a bit of it. Here are the more political logs I came across:

Starting at the newer ones (updated within the last 30 days) I came across Dodgeblog and Junius, a transatlantic libertarian and a pet liberal - two blogs that were already on my radar screen, and on the radar screen of many on my links column.

Two more political ones came up:

Dragonthief - Small l libertarian. Very small l.


Mad musings of me - Sarf London Feminist

To get more of a flavour I started down the alphabet, and more left wing blogs came into view (I'm ignoring Bingo Bowden, to whom I've already linked) :

Andrew's Random Notes - a rather sober look at the news from a technocratic center-left point of view.

abraxas - Far Out London feminist

anthroblog - An anthropological study of blogging in London

Rogi - Lefty ex-pat

blackbeltjones - Internet techie with some (left leaning) politics - New Labour politics meets business savvy.

Bloody Student - Scottish politics student - authoritarian left

Chris Brooke's Weblog - Oxford academic, not a man of the right

concerned (but powerless) - Lib Dem pro-euro telesales guy

The Copydesk - Scottish Republican (not in the American sense)

Not one of these could be said to be right wing, and the majority are not even near the center.

The right do not dominate the British web logging scene, we just think we do because we are totally unaware of that scene. The small world of British right wing blogging is in fact very good at getting traffic from American sites, not a surprise when three of the sites - England's Sword, Dodgeblog and Samizdata are run by Trans Atlantics. Maybe we are not really British bloggers but merely the London outpost of the American scene.

Any way, tomorrow I'll resume normal service and start obsessing over British foreign policy.


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