Monday, March 25, 2002

Thanks due

Christopher Dawson has nice things to say about this web log:

I've been reading Emmanuel's blog for several months now, and must say that it's by far the most sensible 'Anti-war' site I've found. And to be fair, he talks about other subjects too. And with great wit. I read him, and his contributers, often.

Ah, nice.

Justin Raimondo has also seen fit to direct a good number of surfers over to my site, and you're all welcome. What was interesting is that it is probably the largest influx I've got from a single site since I bid goodbye on my column a couple of months ago. It may not last, but the fixed web sites still seem to be attracting more eyeballs than the web logs.

On the web log front, I'd note the surprising fact that a mention from Natalie Solent can get you a far better boost to your viewing figures than one from Samizdata - even though she gets fewer hits than the unmentionables.

Why is this? Do her readers trust her more than they trust the Chelsea gun nuts? Is it perhaps fewer links a day on Ms Solent's web log? Perhaps its because she's nicer about my offerings, her being a quintessentially nice type of person?

Whatever it is, its an odd phenomenon.


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