Sunday, March 10, 2002

Zim Watch

Day 2 of voting and its still a bit chaotic.

Alexander Downer, the Australian foreign minister, is predicting violence if the MDC don't win. Australia is one of the bigger backers of the MDC. He's also predicting violence from Zanu if they lose, so its a win-win situation.

Thank God there's been little violence so far. In fact things have been remarkably quiet, unless there's stuff going on in the countryside that we're not hearing. MDC polling officials seem to be in some trouble, though.

Both the MDC and the American embassy (!) have called for an extension of voting beyond today, something which the justice minister seems to be considering

The former Zanu Justice Minister (and a current Zanu MP) has called for Mugabe to stand down. Eddison Zvobgo, has actually been a rebel MP for some time - so it's not as big as it sounds, but it does underscore the fact that Zanu is starting to come apart of its own accord, whether or not Mugabe wins. Tsvangarai is aware of this and is offering a home to moderate Zanu officials.


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