Sunday, March 03, 2002

Spring cleaning

It's going to be old links day today. Some links I meant to alert you to before but I never got round to:

An interview with Robert Kaplan - where he talks about his experiences among the Mujahadeen.

An old article by Steven Glover on the way the Sun has become less of a newspaper and more of an official propaganda sheet, at least when it leaves British shores.

Some extracts from Bin Laden's December video.

An article on how delicate Musharraf still is.

A very old opinion piece by libertarian icon Murray Rothbard on the futility of humanitarian action in Africa. Here he is on the Gulf War (1991, not know).

Quit worrying about oil, say the National Review, however they don't take it to it's logical conclusion by pointing out that we shouldn't be worrying about oil at all.

The Economist asks "how restive are Europe's Muslims?"

An interesting, and long, essay about how foreign politics can shape domestic politics. The first recorded article since 1985 that has actually made the SDP look interesting.

In defence of Al Jazera. Says it all, really.

Why's the Guardian no good any more? the New Statesman asks.

More later.


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