Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Big Blog News

I really don't like referring to other web logs, it makes us sound like the sort of self-referential nerds that the rest of the world suspects us to be. However this web log needs to be mentioned, Iain Dale of Politicos bookshop has started his own web log. This is quite a big deal as Mr Dale is rather a big deal. Politicos is a specialist political bookshop (and rumoured cafe, but that's never open) in Westminster which is part of the Conservative political circuit in London, along with the Red Lion and the IEA. OK, I'm rather boring.

Anyway Mr Dale, due to the nature of his work is privy to plenty of political gossip, and his column is worth checking and re-checking.

And, Iain, about that stuff on all this referring stuff, you can put me on your links page. I mean I was only joking about the self referential nerds.


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