Tuesday, November 20, 2001
Some feedback on my last article:

Your artical has hints that you are mildly educated, or at least read the newspaper. Perhaps, during your education, you learned a bit about this group called the "Allies" you speak of... Well, since you choose to write on historical matters, perhaps you could read about a time when London was under attack.... yes, Mr. Goldstein, do you know who they were coming for back then??? I dare not hint that Afghanistan has that type of power, or that the Talban order to wear arm bands was anything like the nazi era. Simply that 4,000+ americans were killed on our own soil, going about our daily life...that is cause for great alarm to people who have historically bailed you out. I understand that you write from an isolationist point of view, but, there is a time and a place for everything... Believe me, I am very conscious of social politics and went to college in Washington DC, before september 11th, I would have been as anti-war and isolationist as possible. What you should read up on, and possibly consider before writing is the simple fact that, we bailed your country out years ago... our grandparents fought with and for your grandparents... its time for you to return the favor, at least with support-


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