Tuesday, November 27, 2001
Oh no, not more bloody feedback on last week's article! 'Fraid so:

Mr. Goldstein get some help! Everything is blamed on the west. No matter how good we are, there will always be blame and the west will receive it. I well say this, if Tony Blair was running for President right in the US he would have my vote. He is a man of action with defined goals. He is not afraid to stand up and be heard. The UK should count itself lucky to have him. Stop bring paranoid.

I also got forwarded an article entitled "Despite Grim Predictions, U.S. Battle Toll Still Zero", from the LA Times.

And now for some criticism from the left:

I am sorry, but I cannot go along with your cavalier attitude of "fry Bin Laden", "get Bin Laden and get out". I do despise this war with a passion, but "extrajudicial killing" is for thugs, bullies and sub-humans. You will lose the moral high ground and the support of a goodly number of fine people if you continue to characterize murder as perfunctory. This is a countermovement against barbarism in all of its forms -- even the cavalier slogans which don't seem to offend your particular sensibility.

Don't be a moron.

And this, hilarious message is a must read:

Those are not boys in Afghanistan, at least not from the United States. They are not conscripts either, they are professional troops and more than a match for the Taliban rabble. These are men whose personal characteristics of bravery, honor and willingness to sacrifice for their nation is wasted on people like you. You were born with hands up and pants down in the sexually receptive manner designed to appease anyone who is aggressive. People like you want to be abused by anyone with a hatred for America. You are a bed wetter who cannot understand the response of real men. Do us all a favor, if you ever have a heterosexual impulse, wear a rubber so your DNA doesn't pollute the gene pool!

And some (sort of supportive) mail:

I just ran across your web site while checking the news on the Internet, and I have to say that I don't like Mr. Blair either...in fact, I think he's nothing but a Bill Clinton clone, and that in itself is totally revolting, but...
It is my understanding that once this event in Afghanistan is over, that we (the Americans--I don't know about the British)--will get out.
I'm not sure, but I seem to recall reading a statement by President Bush that once this Taliban/bin Laden business is over with and the country has stabilized (if that's possible), that we, the Americans, will leave Afghanistan.
Our motives (because of the WTC destruction) are good, I think, and most of my friends and family do want us to clean up that mess, get out of that country and let them "govern" themselves--if they are capable of doing so.
Anyway, I surely do understand your feelings...I don't want even one soldier--British or American--to be a casualty in that miserable place. But are we simply supposed to forget what happened at the WTC?
Even worse than that, to me, is the fact that in America, 4,000-5,000 people are being killed EACH DAY through abortion...but no one seems to remember that!
I read somewhere not long ago that when the British were in Afghanistan years ago, that one of your commanders made the statement to the effect that..."I wouldn't wish this place on my worst enemy..."
I wish you the best in your campaign, even though I don't entirely agree with you.

And this thoughtful little piece:

i am an american so you will probably not be shocked that i totally disagree with your stance. your troops are helping in the war because your great country and mine are allies. also there were decent british citizens killed in the attacks on september 11th. not to mention numerous other victims from many other countries. you dont have to have an intrest to help a friend because your friend is your intrest. i have no doubt if your nation were attacked or threatened as ours has been there would be hundreds if not thousands of american troops sent to help. this would not bother me in the least as i have a great respect for your country. you are complaining about your leader Prime Minister Blair and showing no regard for the pressure he is under. all of the leaders of the coalition are under a great deal of stress right now and they need our support not our barbs. i am sure you have your gripes about your leadership and its probably often warented but try to understand that he nor George W. Bush started this. and it is their duty as leaders of two great nations to make sure this does not happen again. next time it may be in london or berlin or perhaps moscow. if we dont try to eliminate this now then it will be allowed to fester and build as the nazis did before. i know you will not be swayed by the rantings of a patriotic american who happens to respect your leader as well as his own but at least think about what i have written

It's that appeasement anology again:

You are of the opinion that we should ignore throughout the world terror and genocide because it is of "no conceivable national interest."

Since when is it not in the interest of a free and democratic society to take the strongest possible stand against terror and genocide?

Thank God Mr Blair doesn't share your weak will.

You are no more a voice of reason than was Neville Chamberlain.

And this challenging idea of what freedom is:

Freedom for you to broadcast your feelings did not come free and neither will the freedom for our children and grandchildren.

It is a pity that people like you had enough influence for the terrorist to get a foothold to begin with.

Tolerating your opinions is an unfortunate byproduct of the freedom umbrella that many pay a dear price for. And, one that you hide under.

And some more:

I'm replying to your editorial of 11-19-01, Bring our boys home. I only reply because 30 years ago I was one of those "boys" that
the so called peace actifists wanted to bring home. In retrospect I think all can agree that their efforts prolonged the very war that history now says claimed the life of the Soviet Union. If it were not for these misaligned efforts the job could have been done more
efficiently with a far less total of lost lives. The economic advances the world has made since the demise of the USSR has brought a higher standard of living to most all of the world's population, even those in China and other dictatorships. The threat of nuclear war has been more diminished by the outcome of this conflict than any act the peaceniks ever dreamed of. All men MUST conclude that our creator endowed us with a free will, and history is replete with examples of those who used it for evil. We must never concede to evil and if that takes our "boys" being somewhere other than home then so be it. As a veteran I more than anyone want to see peace and an end to hostilities. This is my only reason for taking the time to reply to that ridiculous editorial of yours.

Another complaint about the use of the word "boys":

If they are old enough to serve their country in a foerign land,or anywhere for that matter ,they are old enough to be called men and women.


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