Friday, November 16, 2001
On some previous questions on Iain Duncan Smith this is from one of his former campaign aides:

First things first: if you're going to keep harping on about the poor man, you may as well remedy one of your notable deficiencies. His name, as every media outlet in the country will subtly suggest by virtue of reading them, is Iain Duncan Smith. There is no hyphen.

Next: he doesn't have two houses in London, just one, in Fulham - an artisan's cottage, bought when they went for rather more sane prices than they do now. Though even today, we're hardly talking about a 7 figure sum.

Only one of his children goes to a public school, and he attends Eton on the basis of a music scholarship, hence the cost is £0.00. The remainder trot off to state RC primaries.

It seems that he doesn't have a home in his constituency, and I apologise for the mistake. Thank you for the clarifications.


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