Thursday, November 22, 2001
The rational debate continues:

Came across your website and I have one word for you: "[Expletive Deleted]." People like you should be hung for treason.

This is even better. I thought that the isolationists were smeared as anti-semites:

GO fight for Israel, hypocrite.

This is from a previous correspondant, obviously taking optimism pills:

Don't worry about it , we as the policemen of the world (sic) will find Bin Laden and he will kill himself. And we, in the USA, are better for it after 9/11 because now we have a purpose,in our madness, to face up to a common enemy, terror. I can't say how you Brits feel but until you have had someone you know die, say a sister or father, then tell us what you would do. What you think this can't happen on British soil, think again. Talk to some of the ones from WW l l about bombs from across the Channel . Terror will strike again , Paris, London, or Rome take your pick. We all must find them and root them out, evil hates all of us, everywhere.

And here's from the French, unusually polite for that nation:

You can consider yourself lucky that your parents were not stupid pacifists as yourself otherwise you would be speaking German
or Japanese right now.

he goes on

I read the article again. . But it reads as an pacifist pamphlet. Are you a bunch of isolationists who don't want to get involved with anything outside your living room ? I hope the WTC made clear to you that this is not possible. What is the point you are trying to make ? Why are you against fighting terrorism ? You like terrorists ? You want to convert them to christianity ?

and in his last e-mail:

It seems your group is concerned with only "vital national interests". Wake up fellows. Killing as many terrorists as possible is a vital national interest. I hope 9-11 at least taught you that. Even an ex-isolationist as George W got the message.

You guys claim to be right wing conservatives. If I read a few more of your articles I am going to start believing that socialists are not that bad after all.


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