Tuesday, November 27, 2001
And yet another one rolls in. I think that it stands all on its own:

I do confess. Your columns have me rolling with laughter, talk about cheap entertainment! I listen to talk show hosts and marvel at how some are so skilled that they defeat one caller after another with swordsmanship like moves. They parry all intended blows and somehow come through endless debates unscathed. I see the same power in many columnists editorials. They provide powerful thought provoking ideas that often times seem impregnable to debate. Your columns are somewhat different.

You package a bunch of and try and sell it as gospel, then you have the nerve to print the responses you receive from the readers who seem to be far more articulate than yourself. You must feel somewhat by all the readers who have one up'd you in their response to some senseless wrangling over subjects you appear to know little about. I do take my hat off to you for one of your ploys, you ask for money at the end!! I tell you I'm howling. Ever the proper Jew..

As misguided as you are I want you to know that I support your right to post your views and hope you realize that this right was bought and paid for by brave mens blood.


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