Sunday, November 11, 2001
And another thing. According to The Telegraph, Bin Laden has nukes:

In his first interview since the September 11 attacks, bin Laden told Hamid Mir, a Pakistani journalist who is working on a biography of the terrorist: "We have chemical and nuclear weapons as a deterrent and if America used them against us we reserve the right to use them."

He refused to say where he had got the nuclear weapons from although it is suspected that they might come from Pakistan where two nuclear scientists with links to bin Laden were arrested last week.

Now let me get this straight, Bin Laden can't be believed when he denies having anything to do with this (OK, I wouldn't believe him either), but when he's claiming to have nuclear weapons we take his word for it? What's less likely, an Islamic suicide attempt is conducted without this chap in a cave, or that this non-Governmental organisation has nukes? Occam's razor anyone.

Myself I think he's bluffing.

Any Islamic theologians out there (or anyone out there at all)? Would lying to a Muslim journalist qualify as lying to one of the Umma (bad) rather than lying to the ultimate audience, who are infidel (and so good).


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