Wednesday, November 21, 2001
The responses keep coming.

First a question, who is the "national talk show host" that this chap mentions:

Next time you crawl out on that limb make sure it will support your body weight. Predictions from and by amateurs are taken seriously by few people. But some solace may be forthcoming as a national talk show host today commented on it and your military expertise!

This response particularly focussed on the web log:

I have had a look at the hostile responses on your web-site, & most of them seem, either not to notice that you were *in favour* of American action against al-Qa'eda, merely against the mad plans being mooted for the colonisation of Afghanistan, or to come from unintelligent I.R.A. apologists with no knowledge of history. Round One to you!

He had earlier said this:

"Get bin-Laden & get out." Yes, I think that very neatly sums up the most sensible attitude to the war. There is patently no possibility of a Western-style government in Afghanistan: the only solution would be full-scale colonisation, which would cost millions of pounds & thousands of lives, & end in the colonial power's withdrawal & the same old anarchy in Afghanistan. Blair's incomprehension of difference is terrifying. Imagine the evil lunatic as President of the United States. Or President of Europe...

But that was about the only positive response, although a couple were non commital. So here's for the nasty responses:

Surely an educated Brit of all people would allow the lessons of history to pave the way for some enlightened thinking. Did you not read your history books? Does the name Neville Chamberlain ring a bell???

And then there was this from the Marine:

"Strategic Interest" -are you kidding me or yourself. There are frames in history that show a picture of good or evil, right
and wrong. But there are some frames of time that show a blur and that is because sometimes things are not always black and white but gray. Sometimes you have to walk down the center of the road rather then the left or right before you see the traffic coming.
You give up certain freedoms sometimes to keep your freedom. The soldier gives up many of her/his freedoms to protect you, what makes you any better?
Why should you complain about some of your freedoms being sacrificed for the betterment of the world?
Oh I get it now! Freedom is great as long as it doesn't interfere any way shape or form with your live!
We - that's right mate - we are so damn lucky to live a life as we do in these countries compared to others around the world! You my friend have every right to say what you wish and I have every right to thing you wrong!

Continuing the military theme, I got this from a Vietnam vet:

I am a Vietnam era veteran, I was involved in a war that I didn't understand, what we expected
to do, or why we were doing it. I could understand the protesters, as I didn't understand the war, but being 19 years old at the time I did what I thought was the proper duties for an American soldier. Because I thought (at the time) that our powers to be would order us into battle only if it was our countries benefit to do so. Now I am older and understand things a little more, I wish that I could have refused to participate.

But now there is a totally different perspective, we are under attack by a very dangerous enemy, that if left alone endangers the entire world, inviting a total holocaust upon all living things (namely) with chemical weapons, nuclear weapons and a bunch of loyalist that don't give a damn about themselves, they can't wait to get to Allah. This is a just campaign, win or lose this is worth the effort to try and stop this madness. I am not a war mongel, a republican, a leftist or a radical. I am a Proud Loyal American Citizen who believes that there are some thing worth fighting for, as well as dying for.

We are under attack, this is not a dream, this is not TV, this is not a playstation game, dammit this is for real, and yes if all of the leaders in the world were sane we could intelligently settle all disagreements in a civilized manner, but they are not, some are hell bent on destroying whatever it takes for them to gain power and change the world into the slaughter houses that they call Holy,
depriving the people of this world it's freedom, choice of religion etc..

I didn't vote for this president, and may not next election, BUT you can be sure that while he is president, HE HAS ALL OF MY SUPPORT. And if you stop to think, maybe yours.

Is the next guy trying to scare me:

Let the angels of death go and all will be better in the world! Get out from under your bed, the mosters are not in the closet but on the world stage. It must be hard to be afraid of the dark all the time. That is why we have laws, by men and by nature,against crime. When crimes are commeted, one doesn't look the other way, you take a stand and call the police. Because if you don't you will be next on the list that misfortune awaits. You not only give in but you have giving up your soul to the devil. Stop with this and do something for yourself an grow-up. The world is very big and bad but along with that is allot of wonderful people that given the time are not afraid to make a stand against terror and evil. Stand up and be counted upon to fight against evil but I forgot you won't fight so be afraid, very afraid. Oh, don't open that closet door.

What is it about the anti-semites, are they really unable to understand the word "pseudonym":

Another Liberal Jew screaming pacifist propaganda. Now if our boys were protecting Jewish interests it would be an entirely different message . You make me sick .World War Two was a classic example . Pacifist screamed about the U.S. entry into the War but when atrocities toward Jews was discovered the charge was we did not move fast enough. Go to Normandy you creep and visit the cemetary . By the way you will see VERY few Star of David markers .

I hate it when they call me a Liberal.

Now spot the facts that this guy's quoting, I couldn't:

They are not your boys, they are grown men in the military. They are obviously not your "boys" since they could never have grown up under the roofs of peaceniks who use misleading information and innuendo to write the so called "news". You can demean your own government this way as your right, but right is only right when you present honest, real facts.

This is quite a good one, and the first female comment I've got in the avalanche:

What i find ironic regarding the title of your 11/19/01 article is this:

I don't think you could get them to come out. It seems clear to me from all I have seen and heard regarding our armed forces, that they want to be there. Good luck.

Now back to the strong stuff:

As far as I am concerned you are nothing but a left wing commie jew disease. Wait until the terrorists start putting bombs up your [Expletive Deleted] then see how you scream for protection. You and that English [Expletive Deleted] Chamberlin would have made great team. Wait until the enemy is powerful then waste even more lives trying to eradicate it. You can't see what is in front of you because you are stupid and have never studied history.
The world today is way too small to be isolated, but you wouldn't understand that. Cause you be STUPID.

At least the next one was polite:

Fine. Pull your troops out. Let everyone pull their troops out. Then London is the new site for terrorist activity. Is that what you want. Pull your troops out and the terrorists run free.

Use your brain man

And another supportive e-mail (sort of):

I think most people in the "West" realize that Afghanistan and the "Middle East" in general is a mess and I'm sure we will get Bin Laden and get out. A lot of people will starve and or freeze to death afterwards. I believe that the majority of the people in the US would like not to be involved in the Middle east at all, but I'm not really sure our own government here really cares any longer what we think economically or politically.

The dictators and rich oil emirates in the Middle East have brought this havoc upon their own people. The Israelis and Palestinians need to start dealing with their own problems. Blatant ignorance, lack of education and employment doesn't help matters either.

I mean when you have a situation in one country where 80% of the population is young men under the age of 20 and 65% of them are unemployed, they probably have nothing better to do all day than envy and hate America.

You have fundamentalist people who do even understand the basics of their own religion much less the philosophical/spiritual principles involved. All of the foreign engineers I work with left their own countries because their is no opportunity where they once lived and they have no desire to go back.

The Middle East willingly sells us oil and they willingly accept our money and our culture, nobody is putting a gun to their heads.

The people and the leadership in the "Middle East" need to get their act together and learn how to live together.

I believe we are as a country are humane and forgiving and probably so to many who don't deserve it.

Where is appreciation for all the good we have done in the world? l

What we did in the past, the Cold War, our retched foreign policies, etc.. that is gone.

Where is the forgiveness for America?

I'm sure what ever we do as a Country it will never be good enough.

But I guess it will always be our responsibility to carry the cross and yes, the big stick as long as others refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.

Have a good Thanksgiving

Here's a succinct essay on the relationship of hope and experience:

This whole mess will be solved within a year. Don't be such a pantywaist, stand up and say who you are and give the world a reasonable solution. Because of the U.S. strength and reasonableness, there will be some form of coalition government and no terrorists hiding out to wipe out the US or Great Britain.
Use some common sense!

Not to be confused with this chap:

You whiny little prissy [Expletive deleted], liberal Commie pinko. Bend over and stick your head where the sun don't shine. Wake up and smell the coffee!! This is war and we will win, or die proud trying!!!
How would you like to have one of your loved ones crushed or burned to a crisp and lost forever in the NY Trade Towers?!! You sniveling little trouble making
[Expletive deleted], !! Go crawl under a rock with Osama or Saddam and deplete the surplus population, you worthless agitator and scum!!

This "US Citizen" is more civilised, although it is rather worrying that he starts off as if Britain and America are one country:

It is people like you that keep the world in turmoil. We have had almost 5,000 innocent civilians killed here in the United States and you want us to just to walk away from this tragedy? Shall we allow the terrorists to strengthen their forces so they can wreck further havoc on our society as well as yours? Would you like to walk through the caves of Afganistan with your anti war signs. I'm sure they would give you great protection. Why don't you support getting rid of these terrorists? Your govenment has been a great help to our goverment. I hold Mr. Blair in the highest esteem. What would have happened had we not fought Adolph Hitler? I suspect
you would be speaking German as your native language right now. Find something better to do with your time than to critize our

Where did this come from?:

I enjoyed your article. Your side bar next to the column was interesting, as well. However, it’s an illusion to suggest that you don’t “sponge” off of taxpayers or that you otherwise pursue some “honest” profession and means of earning an income. At the very least, I would imagine that some of your customers have jobs in politics, journalism or civil service. So you really do sponge off of taxpayers.

This about Indiana schools:

I can't speak for education for New York, but in the state of Indiana, USA, we weren't taught as you said "In New York schools, they teach that the British government launched genocide on the Irish, when hundreds of thousands died due to the predictable failure of the state to feed a starving population."

We were taught the potato famine was caused by crop failures. I believe it was weather and insects both (but I'm not certain about the insects). Please be advised that your belief in "mis-information" may be misinformed.

This coming from the descendant of an Irish immigrant because of the famine.

Now some more on Afghanistan:

I pray that you are not in the next building those crazy's from the world of camels and sand blow up or fly an airplane into. Not only must bin Laden be brought to be judged (either by military court or Allah), but we must also bring those "bullies of women", the Talaban, to be judged by the same criteria for sheltering this mad, deranged bin Laden for all these years.

Yea Donald Rumsfeld, yea Tommy Frank USA, USA, USA, USA!!!

Finally some sub-fascism to keep you going:

Have you read last week's newspapers, which all ran stories about the Taliban literally shitting their tunics and running like mama's boys from the Northern Alliance and US bombing? Quagmire? Your article was moot before it ran. And another thing, when, if ever, does your silly e-rag ever think that the use of military force is justified? Foreign invasion of US soil? Get a grip on human reality- only the strong survive, the emotionally strong, the morally strong, and, last but notleast, the physically strong.


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