Sunday, November 11, 2001
So Osama did it all along, according to the Telegraph. As they title it Bin Laden: Yes, I did it.

Is that what he actually said? There are two things that Bin Laden says:

1) That his organisation is terrorist
2) That the bombing of the Twin Towers was legitimate in his eyes

What is interesting is that, despite the Telegraph's best efforts,
the two are nowhere linked. Both of these motives are despicable,
and item (1) alone would justify the US hunting him down.

Maybe the Telegraph has missed something damning on the video,
although I doubt it. Almost certainly he's trying to skirt the
issue, but the evasions are still there.

I don't think that most moderate Muslims will accept this as proof
(the Fundamentalists won't anyway - but other Muslims may at some
point). And that's the important thing.

I hope that Blair has something better than a boastful propoganda
video in his "damning indictment" on Wedensday.


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