Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Zimwatch: A deadline passes

So the deadline has passed and there are no concessions, so everyone is tense. The opposition won the byelections by the way, despite the alleged violence. It does mean that Zanu won't get a two thirds majority to change the constitution. For all those byelection junkies who savour the triumphalism of the victors, how's this from Morgan Tsvangirai:

This is only the beginning of the struggle to recapture the stolen presidential poll, so that the sovereignty of the people of Zimbabwe is consolidated ... In the days ahead we shall be working frantically to put in place strategies that will rid the country of the crises that stem largely from the illegitimacy of the Mugabe regime.

No we're going to get you in the next election, instead it's we're going to get you - period. This is why it's best to go gracefully, civil wars, coups and violent revolutions tend to occur far less often. Morgan is using this as the launchpad for a rolling round of "mass action", which he says is limited to civil disobedience - but this could get Bucharesty quite soon.

Mugabe has also reacted in the calm manner one would expect of this elder statesmen, that's right road blocks and a general crackdown. Mugabe's describing the MDC as a terrorist organisation, which may be closer to the truth than it's well wishers would admit (don't think that they don't have their own toughs) - but who made it a terrorist organisation, Bob?


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